Tequesta Homes for Sale

Jupiter Lighthouse

Tequesta Homes for Sale

There is quite the array of homes in Tequesta, from Millions on the Intracoastal to Hundreds by the Park.

Actually, most people consider Tequesta to be the sister town of Jupiter. Located on the north side of Jupiter Lighthouse sprawling north up to another Famous Golf Club “Jupiter Hills” and west to the Loxahatchee River. Poor little Tequesta sits in the shadow of Jupiter.

Psst…Burt Reynolds house is at the northern tip of Tequesta right next to Jonathan Dickinson’s State Park.

If you want to go back in time, I mean like several hundred years in time, you have to take a canoe or kayak down the Loxahatchee River, past “Trapper Nelsons” to Jonathan Dickinson State Park.

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